Friday, 15 April 2011

Michael Hicks

Some weeks ago a writer found me on Twitter and began following me so I decided to follow him to return de courtesy (I am on Twitter only because I read the novel GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART by Theresa Medeiros). He was posting all the time about one of his novels:  IN HER NAME: EMPIRE and the thing that attracted me was that he said that it was a good novel to try SciFi.  SciFi is not my cup of tea.  There were some exceptions during my life, like Star Wars and that was because Star Wars was a mix of fairy tale, adventure, mistery and had some very interesting characters. 
Then during the ebook week Mr. Hicks put the first installement of this series, IN HER NAME: EMPIRE, for free.  I downloaded thinking that the only thing I had to lose was my time and that if I didn't like it I always could stop reading.
What a surprise I had.  Once I began reading I couldn't put it down!  This novel has it all. Great characters, a wonderful plot and the interesting thing for me was that , yes it was SciFi but it has not only wars and gizmos and such things but it is about the coming of age of Reza, a boy that had a very difficult life but keeps his sense of honor and his capacity for friendship and love while fighting for his life and the life of his loved ones.
Reza's parents had died when he was a young boy during a battle against the Kreelan and he goes to an orphanage in a planet where children have to work very hard to survive.  Again he is wrenched from this place and he has to adapt to a completely different and violent life with the Kreelan.  He will find love but the price to pay is very high.
When I finished this book I inmediately bought the two others that complete the series: IN HER NAME: CONFEDERATION and IN HER NAME: THE FINAL BATTLE. And I wasn't dissapointed.  This story is a great tale.
And now I am reading SEASON OF THE HARVEST a thriller also by Michael Hicks and I am experiencing the same feelings I had with the other books.  Every time I have to go to work it's very difficult because I want to continue reading.  Mr. Hicks is a natural storyteller, he has the talent to keep you riveted to the story and makes you feel like you were there.
He introduced me to two genres that usually I don't read, thrillers and SciFi and I think that if he wrote a book about mechanics in the future I would read it!  That is how much I like his writing. So if you are like me that normally don't read this kind of books, try them you won't be dissapointed.